Tips and tricks for using and applying technology to Architecture and Design.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Plotting tip

To make managing your plot files easier, make sure the tab name and the sheet name match. The tab name will appear in the plot file name. The file name can then be used to identify the sheet.

Using an FTP client

Collaborating and transferring files with e-mail is sometimes a challenge with large or numerous files. Most web hosting services include FTP access with your account.
There are many clients available for free or a small cost. Here is a free application I have been using.

Download here

Tips and tricks for using technology for Architecture and Design

I will be posting information I have found, heard, collected and developed for using technology in the practice of architecture. Look for product and application reviews along with tips on using the applications you may already have on your computer.
This will not be a how to blog for any particular software but a methods of using and integrating the applications the design process.
Comments and questions will always be welcome.